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Break Them Up Spell By Voodoo High Priest George Claud

Break Them Up Spell By Voodoo High Priest George Claud

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Break Them Up Spell

Voodoo Priest George Claud has literally cast thousands of break them up spells during his career as a master voodoo practitioner during the last 36 years. If you are looking for real voodoo spells that works fast, and that will break a couple up, you've found it!

This voodoo break up spell is designed to break any couple apart. If you know of a couple that should not be together, this can be cast so that their relationship is ruined. Maybe the couple has caused you harm, or maybe one of them is your ex that cheated on you? Whatever the reason, the break up ritual can be used to tear their relationship apart and ruin them. Maybe they are married and you want a powerful service that will cause them to get a divorce? This is it!

If you are interested in this service, please read a page before ordering here. This is crucial. We want you to understand this process fully, and have no doubt about the work that will be done for you. Please click on this link to learn about George Claud's spell caster services. It will take you about thirty minutes to read it, but it is very much so worth the time involved.

Voodoo Priest George Claud is considered an expert as a spell caster performing breakup services that really work. It is an extremely powerful voodoo ritual so please make sure that you are really prepared for what will happen after he performs it. Once the spell to break them up has been cast, there is no undoing it. If you are interested in getting revenge on someone for any reason, you may also want to look at our powerful voodoo revenge spells.


If you have any questions about this powerful dark magick ritual, please contact us before ordering. You may call us at (504) 475-3761. You can also email us at If you do not get an answer on the phone, please just send a text or an email.

If you are ready to have Voodoo Priest George Claud cast this break them up spell for you, please follow the instructions below:



How To Order?

To have George Claud cast this voodoo spell today, please click on the button above that says "Add To Cart". You will then need to go to your cart at the top of the page and click on "Check Out". When you get to the Check Out page you can pay by PayPal Express by clicking on the "PayPal check out" button. You can also decide to pay with a credit card (not through PayPal) by just clicking on "Check Out" again. Just enter all of your information.

Once you have checked out and completed paying for your order, please allow George Claud up to 6 hours to respond to you via email. He will have a series of questions for you so that he can fully understand your situation. Please answer the questions as honestly as possible.



What Happens Next?

After you have paid for your order and responded to the email from George Claud with his questions for you, please be patient as Voodoo Priest George Claud prepares for your ceremony/ritual/spell casting. As much as possible, he casts all break up spells on the same day that he has received your responses. In the worst case scenario, your ritual will be performed within 24 hours of you placing your request.

George uses an assistant to prepare for your ritual. He will summon the spirit world during the ceremony and ask for their assistance in making your wishes come true by placing an influence on the other people. The  casting will take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to complete. Following the first ritual, he will email you to let you know that it has been completed. He will also give you a set of instructions to follow to make sure that your wishes are carried out.

After he has finished the first ritual for you, George Claud will pray about your situation three times a day every day for at least four weeks. He will continue to ask the spirit world to intervene on your behalf. He will then repeat this same break up ritual for you again in about two weeks, and a third time in about a month. 



How Fast Does It Work?

It is impossible to say exactly how long it will take for the spirits to intervene, and to be more precise for the other people to react to the influence that will be placed on them. Some experience results immediately. For some it may take 7 to 14 days. For others it can take up to 30 days to experience the full results. In some cases, it can even take longer. Each case is unique.

You can help to make the results more powerful/faster. After George Claud casts your break up spells he will send you an email with instructions to follow. He will ask you to recite a prayer that will amplify the spell and bring about your desires faster, if you want to do so.

After thirty days, if you are still not satisfied with the results, he will continue his work. He will perform the ritual again at least once a month, for as long as is needed. This is always done at no extra charge to you.



What Do I Do Now?

If you are ready to have George Claud cast this extremely powerful break them apart spell for you, press the button that says "Add To Cart" and follow the instructions. If you have any more questions, please contact us first.





P.S. If you would rather learn how to perform magick on your own, please contact me for information about a guide that is very helpful.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How fast does this break them up ritual work?

A: I know you want a voodoo spell that works fast (or even overnight!), and this is the fastest acting voodoo break them up ritual that you can find. Many clients begin seeing results within a day or two. On average, we start seeing some results within 14 days. It can take longer though, as every case is unique. Please be patient though. We are with you until we see results!

Q: How will I know when it is working?

A: Every case is different! The most common way that you will know that results are coming is when you start to feel a change. You may notice that the couple begins fighting more. They may start to fight in public, and start to share their hate for each other. 

Q: Is this a strong break up spell?

A: Yes it is! I have been casting this very one for some 36 years. Nothing is stronger or more effective.

Q: Is this a real voodoo spell that honestly works?

A: Yes, it is! It is very real, powerful, and it just works!

Q: Does this involve white or dark magick?

A: I don't really think in those terms, but I guess you could call it dark magick?

Q: How does this compare to a witchcraft tear them apart ceremony?

A: I eat witches for breakfast! Just kidding. They are both very similar. We both call upon the spirits to intervene in their relationship.

Q: Do you have other related spells that are for certain situations?

A: Yes, I do. You may want to look into this spell for revenge.

Q: What do I do now?

A: Just read below for more information. You can also call or text me at (504) 475-3761, email me at, or catch me in the Chat here if I am online.