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03 Feb '17

Learn About George Claud The Voodoo Spell Caster

Posted by George Claud

Before you order any spell from me, or anything for that matter, I hope that you take a few minutes to read this page fully to learn about me (George Claud), what I do as a voodoo spell caster, and how my work actually works. I will try to be as brief as possible, but I have a lot to say, and I want to make sure that you understand this thoroughly. If any of this doesn't make sense to you, please do not order until we have talked first. You can call or text me at 1-504-475-3761. You can also email me at georgeclaud@yahoo.com.

I may sound rude or blunt at times, but I hope that you will forgive me and understand that I come from a place of love and not hate. It is extremely important to me that you understand what I can or can not do for you. I want you to have a good understanding of what is involved, before you even consider beginning with me. The most troubling cases are always when you do not have a full understanding of my process, and begin on a journey that you don't understand. I will do my best to explain the path and the journey here.

As I said, I will try to be brief, but it is going to take you about 30 minutes to read this entire page. I know that is a lot to read, and it may feel like a waste of your time. But if you are really interested in involving me in your life, the next 30 minutes is important and worth your investment.


We will cover:

A. Do Not Hire Me: Why you shouldn't hire me as your spell caster.

B. Do Hire Me: Why you should hire me.

C. What Do You Sell George: The services and products for sale here.

D. How Do Your Spells Work: A description of how my spells actually work.

E. How Long Does It Take For The Spell To Work: The answer you really want.

F. How Do I Get Started: How it all begins.

G. A Little About George Claud: My own little story.

H. How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off: Stay away from psychic scams!

I. Random Questions: Some questions with answers.

J. Thank You: The conclusion.




A.  Do Not Hire Me!

 I know this probably sounds funny to you, right? Since when have you ever heard a person say that they don't want your business? Since when have you heard a business or person try to discourage you from spending your hard earned money on them? This doesn't make much sense, right? Well let me bluntly explain what I mean here.

If you are going to spend any money on me to act as your spell caster, and that money spent would cause you and your family to go without, please do not hire me. I do not want you to miss a dinner because you spent your money on me. If you are on a fixed income, and your money is tight, for the love of God do not hire me for anything. I am a pretty good person (at least my kids think so), and I can not live with the thought of your kids not being able to get clothes they need because you spent your check on me. Seriously folks, if this makes a dent in your life (financially speaking), please close this page now!

If you are coming here expecting me to cast a spell that will make you rich tomorrow, please do not hire me. If you think that I can use a love spell for you that will make Michael Jordan fall in love with you next week, do us both a favor and take a long nap. If you think that I can cause your evil ex husband to catch on fire and explode in front of his mistress with a spell for revenge, please do not hire me. What am I getting at here? You need to have REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS!! I am not God. I am not the creator. I am a spiritual helper for many, but as far as I know I'm just a man like you. If you have unrealistic expectations, there's a better than average chance that you are going to be disappointed. 

I have nothing to prove to anyone. I have lived a long and pretty happy life. I have helped thousands and thousands of people with their life journey. I do not need to prove anything to anyone at this point. I say this with nothing but love in my heart, regardless of how rude this may seem. If you expect me to try to impress you with my abilities that are on the level of Jesus Christ himself, just don't hire me. There are probably hundreds of people that are willing to jump through hoops to prove to you that they are all knowing and all powerful. That's not me. I'm just that doesn't need to do anything to prove anything to anyone. I go out of my way to make sure that I never give anyone any false sense of hope, or promises that I can not fulfill. I do not want you to have to rely on me being a supernatural being to help you, because I am not a supernatural being.

If you feel like you need to hurry up and spend all of your money to buy a spell right now, before you have a clue of my process and what is involved, please do not hire me. If you are not willing to learn about what I do before you hire me as your voodoo spellcaster, this makes me sad. Problems come from new clients that just don't know what they are getting into with me. I have enough problems of my own already, and the last thing I want is for you to begin with me without having a good understanding. If you want to dive in head first, with unrealistic expectations, and without talking to me first, please close your phone or computer. I believe in the motto "Do No Harm". In other words, I would rather lose you as a new client than take you on as a client that spends their money before they understand everything. I do not want to harm you in any way. If you hire me, and are then harmed because of a misunderstanding, I have failed you. 





B. Do Hire Me!

 If the Good Lord put a brain cell between your ears, you are probably saying, "Wait George! Just above this you went on a rant explaining why I shouldn't pay you to help me. Why are you now begging for my business?" Now that's a good question! Let me try to make some sense of this confusion.

If you are looking for someone that can maybe be a piece of the puzzle that helps to turn your life in the right direction, I want to work for you. A client of mine long ago told me something like this, "George I have learned a lesson. I came to you expecting you to run my life for me. I now realize that you are just a piece of the puzzle for me, and not the whole puzzle." I loved that person for saying that, and still do to this day. I am not the Alpha and Omega. I am not the "end game" for you. I may be a little bitty part of the enchilada, but I am not the whole buffet. I want to help people that don't think of me as the solution, but rather a possible link in the chain that leads them to the solution. If this is you, hire me!

If all of your bills are paid, you have plenty of money left over for groceries and taking care of those you love, and you still have some discretionary funds to "explore with", go ahead and hire me if you want to. If you spend one dollar on me that takes anything away from your quality of life, and I find out about it, this will deeply hurt me. Again, I never want to harm you in any way, including financially. Please tell me that this makes sense. If it doesn't, please reach out to me before ordering and I will help you figure out if you can really afford this. I would rather include you in my prayers for absolutely free, rather than have you spend a dollar that you just can't afford.

If you have realistic expectations, go ahead and hire me to cast a spell for you. If you understand that this is a process that usually doesn't happen overnight, I want to be on your team. If you understand that we may not get to the top of the hill, but we can most likely get heading that way, I love you already. If you understand that partial success is still success, you are the kind of person that I want to know. If you want to become a little safer and have a little better luck in your future with a spell for protection and good luck, and you realize that you probably won't be hitting the lottery tomorrow, I am your fan. Sure, it's possible that we could hit a home run off of the first pitch, but that's rare and unlikely. I need you to understand this more than anything before I get started for you. I am not willing to lie to you and ruin my good name for a couple of bucks. You must have realistic expectations before we ever begin.

If you take your time on making a decision about me, I want to know you. If you choose to make sure that you understand everything involved, instead of whipping out your credit card after the first line, I really like you. I am what you might call a "tight wad". I see every dollar that I have ever worked my butt off for as precious. I want to be friends with anyone that respects their money. If you respect your money, and what it can do for you and yours, please make sure that you understand everything here first. If that sounds like you, I'm excited to give you my best efforts.





C. What Do You Sell George?

 I guess that if you break it down I sell two different things here: spell casting services and products. Let's try to briefly explain them.

I have a family book of voodoo spells that goes back several generations. I am what my family calls "the gatekeeper" of this book. Some of these spells can be considered archaic and crude in these modern times, but each of them has a purpose. This book is full of over 1,000 spells that I consider to be very precious. They cover just about everything that you can imagine.

On this site you will find many spells such as those for getting your ex back or even losing some weight. The truth is that what you find here is just the major categories of the most popular or common spells that I use. I do not have the skills or the time to make over 1,000 pages on this site. In fact, I haven't made any of these, but I will get to that shortly. 

So hopefully you can find the spell that roughly matches up with what you are looking for here. I don't expect it to be an exact match, and neither should you. Remember that these are just broad categories that are listed here.

Once you make your selection here I will be using that and the information that you will be giving me to choose what voodoo rituals to perform for you. I may use something exactly from my family's book of voodoo spells, or I may mix and match to get precisely what you want. I may even add on to your order, at no additional charge, if I believe that it is needed. Does this make sense?

Now onto the other category of what is offered here: products. I make a lot of different products or physical items for people. I actually give most of them away to family and friends that I care about. What you will find here are dolls and bags that you may be interested in.

I make real voodoo dolls. These are not the dolls that you buy at the tourist shop on Bourbon Street, or that you see in the scary movies. I make every single one of them by my own hands. Now if you are looking for something that is pretty and well made like you see at the tourist shops, please call China or find someone that will sell you a Chinese trinket. Mine may not look as good, but they are very much so real and authentic. I was taught this art form by my grandmother long ago, and I do my best to carry out her instructions still. 

Every doll that I make is completely customized just for you. I never make them in advance. I use your information, and what you are needing, to make it for you. I then cast any spell that you need on it. I can place anything on it, such as a spell that will make them want you. When you get your doll I will give you some simple instructions on how to use it.

The other physical product that I make is real gris gris bags (also known as mojo bags). Again, every one of them is authentic and made just for you with my two old hands. I can place any spell that you want on the bag, such as a spell for marriage or any other spell. When you receive yours I will send you some very easy instructions on using it.





D. How Do Your Spells Work?

 I seriously need to write a 500 page book on this topic. Sadly, I don't really have the time, and I doubt that many people would read it. To spare you from having to read a whole book, I am going to do my best to keep this as simple as my rambling mind will allow me to.

We have already discussed the fact that I am not God, or at least I don't think I am. I am not the all powerful wizard of humanity. I am not the savior, the great, or the controller of destiny. I am just a man that was born with a gift (truth: we all are, but I was lucky to have real teachers early on). My gift is the ability to make a spiritual connection and relay your messages through the spirits.

We know that I am not God, I'm just a guy, and I was just lucky enough to have people in my life that taught me how to tap into the spirit world long ago. If that is the case, why don't I use these abilities to control other people? I will explain this in more details below, but the short answer is that every one of us has the ability to make our own decisions. We all have the gift of free will to decide for ourselves. I can not force you, or anyone else, to do anything. I can't even force my wife to bring me my dinner!

You are probably thinking, "Well George, if you are just a simple man that can't make anyone do anything, why should I waste my time on you when the Great Mombo Bonjo says that he can make Madonna fall in love with me by Friday?" Fair enough, so let's try to figure this out.

Before I forget, if you want to learn more about free will, and what this concept means to me, please read this page about how long it takes to get spell results. You can thank me (or not) later.  

Now then, George can't make anyone do anything, so what can his spell caster abilities do for me? As we briefly discussed, my job that you spend your good money to hire me for is to make a spiritual connection and relay your messages to them. What does that mean? Let's break it down briefly.

I make a spiritual connection to the subject of any spell by first getting information from you. After you have placed your order and made your request, I will be sending you a bunch of nosy questions to answer. Your answers will help me to make a connection to that person's spirit or soul. I do this through a prayer or meditation session that can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Before I even begin your ritual, I will be 100% spiritually connected with this person or persons.

Once I am connected I will begin the actual voodoo ritual or spell casting itself. This is where I use my book of spells to conduct a ritual that will call upon the spirit world to intervene on our behalf. I will relay your message of what you need to them. They will then do everything possible to place an influence on the person that we are working on.

We brought up another important topic: influence. What is it, and how does it work? I think that the best way to explain an influence is by an example or illustration.

Have you ever watched TV and a commercial comes on? Let's say that it is a commercial for a hamburger from McDonald's. If you are like me, you ignore the commercial completely. You are just waiting for the football game to come back on. But did you really ignore the commercial? The truth is that the commercial placed an influence on your mind, even if it was subconsciously placed there. The next thing you know, thirty minutes later you find yourself racing down the street to get a Big Mac. That is an influence, and that is exactly what happens when I perform a ritual or cast a spell for you.

Let's look at another important aspect of this influence from the example. Did McDonalds force you to get your happy butt off of the couch and speed down the street for a burger? No! They couldn't possibly do that! Why couldn't they do that? Because you have free will! You are the only person that can make choices for you! You are not a puppet or a robot. You are a living and breathing human being created by God with the gift of free will to make your own choices in this life. 

But George, if McDonalds can't force my wife to do something, and you can't either, what are your spells going to do for me? I am going to place an influence on them for you. Remember that McDonalds commercial that placed an influence on you in our story? I am going to also place an influence on someone for you, just like that commercial did.

Let's use one more example to illustrate this:

Let's say that Mary hires Voodoo Priest George Claud (the simple man) to cast a Marie Laveau spell in order to make her husband stop eating all of her pies. So George asks her plenty of questions about Andy (her husband) and uses that information to make a spiritual connection with Andy during his preparations. Once he is spiritually connected with Andy, he begins the actual ritual to relay these requests to Andy through the spirits. The spirits will then place this influence on Andy and constantly remind him that he shouldn't be eating all of Mary's pies. Can they force him to stop eating all of the pies? No, because he has free will. Can they play an influential commercial in his mind over and over to remind him that he shouldn't be doing this? Yes, they sure can!

In summary, here is how my voodoo spells work:

1- You order the one on my site that makes the most sense.

2- I then send you a bunch of questions to answer.

3- You give me the answers.

4- I use your answers to make a spiritual connection during prayer.

5- I perform a spell casting ritual to relay your requests to the spirits.

6- The spirits work by placing an influence on the subject of the spell.

7- The subject is then bombarded with this influence that will grow and intensify, and he/she will eventually make a decision or react to the influence.





E. How Long Does It Take For The Spell To Work?

 For a pretty thorough discussion, please read this page about the timing of results. I do want to at least briefly explore this here though.

I have been doing this for a very long time. I have seen just about every possible outcome that you can imagine. I have had cases where we literally got results within  a few minutes of the casting. I have had cases that took over a year to fully resolve. 

I can not tell you exactly how long this will take for you. Why? The complexity of your case may be an issue. The stubborness of the other party can be a factor. Your positive attitude and open mind may be a factor. Sometimes it just takes time. The number one reason that I can not give you an accurate answer though is because of the whole concept of free will. Again, please read the page linked to above for details.

Basically, since everyone has free will, I do not see a destiny, per se. In other words, we are not robots living out a play designed by someone else. We are free thinking creatures that make our own choices. If we were robots that I could control, I could tell you exactly when Sam will fall in love with you. Since we are not robots, and Sam does have free will, there is no way that I (or any honest person) can tell you when Sam will decide to act upon the influence that I will have placed on him to love you.

I can give you a hint of the timing, but it's just a hint and not a guarantee. I can tell you that historically speaking, based upon thousands of cases that I have worked on, I know what is fairly normal and what is not normal.

Usually, we begin to experience some partial results in a few days. Usually, we begin to experience solid results within two weeks. Usually, inside of 30 days we are seeing the maximum effect and are pretty happy.

Did you notice the word "usually" above? I say this for a reason. These are the results that I usually see, but they may or may not be your results.

Sometimes it takes longer. Sometimes it takes much longer. Sometimes we get results really fast. Sometimes we get full results almost immediately.

Did you notice the word "sometimes" above? That's because these are not usually the results that I expect, but they do sometimes happen.

I pray that this makes sense to you. If it doesn't I really pray that you reach out to me first. Since we all have the free will to make our own choices, and all my spell castings can do is influence someone to make a choice, I can not guarantee the timing of any results. I can not even guarantee any results at all! It's rare, but sometimes we get basically nothing out of this. It doesn't happen often, but every now and then I will work myself to death on a case that goes nowhere. It's a risk that you and I unfortunately take.





F. How Do I Get Started?

I have tried to make this site as self explanatory as possible, but I have probably made it too difficult to understand. If you have made your choice on which spell you want, here is what you do:

1- Go to the page that contains what you want. For instance, if you want me to cast a spell to have someone fall in love with you, you would go the the love spell page here

2- Click on the button that says "Add To Cart". This places your order in your cart.

3- At the top right of your screen click on "My Cart",

4- If you are done shopping click on "Check Out".

5- Click on "Check Out" again or "Check Out With PayPal".

6- Enter all of your personal information. Make sure you use a good email address. You can use any credit card or PayPal.

7- Hang tight! After you place your order I will get a notice. I am slow, so please be patient while I come up with a list of questions to email you. In a few hours, check your email.

8- When you get my email with all of my questions, take your time in answering them. I want you to be as thorough as possible. This is critical because the more I know about you and your situation, the better our chance will be at getting a good spiritual connection and positive results. When you have answered all of my questions, send your answers back to me.

9- Once I have received your answers I will pray on your situation. This can take me anywhere from an hour or so to several hours, as it always varies. Once I am sure that I have what I need I will let you know.

10- I will cast your spell for the first time within 24 hours of receiving your answers. I try to do this as fast as possible though. When I am done with your first voodoo ritual, I will send you the initial results, a simple prayer that you can use if you want to, and some very easy instructions to follow.

11- I will be asking you to update me from time to time. When something significant happens, please let me know about it. Getting this feedback from you can help tremendously because I can use it to make adjustments along the way. I especially need an update before the second casting.

12- Throughout the next 30 days I will be praying for you every day, three times a day. This is to keep the energy and spirits focused on the task.

13- I will perform your second ritual in about two weeks.

14- I will perform the third ritual for you in about 30 days.

15- If you are good to go at this point, and no longer need my help, we are done.

16- If you are not 100% satisfied at this point, my work continues. You do not pay another penny. I will continue your work at least once a month until you tell me that you are satisfied. I may involve other voodoo practitioners to assist me. I may adjust the work to try to get better results. There is no limit on this, and no you will not be paying me any extra.





G. Tell Me A Little About You George!

 Here is the short version of me: My name is George Claud. I am known as a voodoo priest, a spell caster, a spiritualist, a psychic, a father, a husband, a grandfather, and a very laid back person. I like to think of myself as a spiritual adviser, as I have always seen myself in this way.

I was born into the religion of Louisiana voodoo, being raised in New Orleans. I come from many generations of spiritualists and voodoo practitioners. I was also raised in Catholicism, as is the tradition in South Louisiana. I have also been exposed to many other religions, and draw upon my learnings from many crafts.

My mission in life has been to help people. I give everything that I have to help anyone in need, even when they can't afford my time. I have practiced professionally for going on 40 years, and have had a long, loving and successful life with my wife and family.

You can think of me as the middle man, or the negotiator. I am the link between this world and the spirit world, as we all are, even though most of us don't realize it. My goal is to relay your requests so that an influence can be placed on the other person(s), and continue this work until you are satisfied with the decisions that they make. 

I retired a few years ago and closed up my shop due to a health issue. I stayed retired for maybe a few months before I started driving my family crazy from boredom. My clients that I have had for years (and decades) kept asking me to work. I knew that I could no longer travel to my office every day, and I didn't want to work 16 hours a day anymore, so I came up with a compromise.

My family and a few old clients helped me to make this website. I know next to nothing about computers, but with their help we got what you see here today all set up.

As money is no longer a real concern for me, I decided to keep my price as low as possible. I couldn't just advertise all of my services for free though, because that becomes a nightmare with hundreds of people asking for help 24 hours a day! So I made almost all rituals that you see here for $100 (my son said $99.95 sounds cheaper), and decided to help some people that can not afford to spend this much. I think it's a pretty fair price, and it is just enough to keep me from being completely bombarded with requests.

On average, I spend around 20 hours in total working on each case, but of course this can vary. I usually spend about 6 hours in prayer for you over 30 days, about 4 hours in meditation and preparation, around 6 hours on the three castings, and probably 4 hours or more in communications with you. If you add that up, that's around 20 hours on average that I give you for $100, or around $5 an hour. Am I going to get rich doing this? No! But I don't need to. This is just a part time "hobby" for me now that keeps me busy, and I love trying to help people.

I think this sums me and what I do up pretty well. If you want to know more though, just get in touch with me by email at georgeclaud@yahoo.com or by text/calling at 1-504-475-3761.





H. How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off 

 I get heartbreaking calls almost every day. Over and over I hear the same stories. It kills me! People call me about getting ripped off or scammed by a fake spell caster all of the time. Are they fake? Are they a scam or a rip off? I can't say for sure sometimes, and I try to mind my own business. But I can tell you a few things to avoid like the plague!


1- If you are dealing with a psychic or a spellcaster that says you better pay them more money or else you will die and your life will be ruined: run away from them! All spirituality works comes from a place of love. No true voodoo practitioner would ever threaten you. If you are being threatened or being held hostage for more money, just stop dealing with that person!

2- If a psychic, tarot card reader, palm reader, fortune teller or any spiritualist tells you that something will definitely happen on a certain date, please stop dealing with that person. Nobody can guarantee a certain result on a certain date! It just does not work that way. Why? Because our fate has not been predetermined. We all have free will to make our choices. Nobody can know for sure exactly what will happen tomorrow, or on any certain date. If you are "guaranteed" a certain result within so many days, you are being lied to.

3- If you are told to send a spell worker money to hold onto, and that they will then send it back to you, run away! This is a flat out scam. I have heard of so many poor people that have fallen for this. Sometimes they are told to gather a certain amount of money to send, and that they will receive much more in return within so many days. Guess what happens? They never get a penny back!

4- Be reasonable with your expectations. If you call a voodoo practitioner and tell them that you want to become a dolphin on Monday, and they tell you that they will make you a dolphin if you send them $2,000 by Western Union, are you being reasonable with your expectations? I would say that you're asking to get scammed, and the person taking your money and making false promises is most definitely scamming you.





I. Random Ending Questions

 I hear so many of the same questions all of the time. I want to try to briefly address a few of them:

1- Can you guarantee that a certain event will happen on a certain date? No! Please read this page again. If you still don't get it, call/text/email me. If you want to be scammed with false promises from a con artist, please go somewhere else. Better yet, just set your money on fire. I say this with nothing but love for you. 

2- Are you special, or do you have special abilities? No, I really am just a man. Let me explain it this way though: if you do anything enough you will probably get really good at it. I have been casting voodoo spells for so long that you can accurately say that I have gotten very good at it. Does this make me special, or give me special abilities? No.

3- Will you tell me what I want and need George? No, I won't. I recognize that I am cranky, but if you really want to crawl under my skin start asking me to make your decisions for you. That is not how I work. You make your own choices and decisions. You tell me what you want, and I do everything that I can to help you get it. That is our relationship. I am not your master, teacher, babysitter, parent, caregiver, etc. I am the guy that you tell what you want. I am not the guy that you go to in order to have someone make your mind up for you. Again, I say this with love. You control you and make your own decisions. This is what God made you for.

4- Are you going to keep asking me for more money and bleed me dry? No. I charge one fee (that I think is reasonable and fair) for one issue. That's it. If you try to send me an extra tip or donation, I appreciate the kindness, but that is not necessary at all. At the end of the day, I have to look in the mirror and live with the man that I see. I do not want to see a man in the mirror that takes advantage of people and lies to them. This is precisely why I go out of my way to be as fair as I can possibly be.

5- Are you a good salesman George? No, I'm not. If you were silly enough to hire me to sell cars for you, I would be fired on the first day. I turn away more customers than I accept. I go out of my way to convince people to try to help themselves first before hiring me. Quite frankly, I don't need your money. I say this with nothing but love for you, and I hope you understand this. I just don't need to prove anything to anyone anymore. If I tried to talk you into working with me, there's a good chance that I would be setting the stage for a future disgruntled client. I do not want to convince anyone into doing anything ith me, ever.

6- Do you have any reviews or testimonials of previous clients that you can share? No! My family tried to make me put some reviews on this site and I put my foot down on this issue. I have a huge filing cabinet in my bedroom full of loving letters and cards from clients over the decades. I have enough to fill a couple of books. So why won't I share some of these reviews here? For one thing, your privacy means more than anything to me. I will never do anything to jeopardize the trust that you place in me. I would never reveal anything about you to anyone. I just don't need any more money badly enough to risk causing you any harm by revealing something about you for a silly review. Secondly, most of the so called "reviews" that I have read on the internet are pretty blatantly fake. They just look dumb to me. I can't be the only one that thinks this? Third, I do not need to sell anything. I already have too much business. My wife is already begging me to completely retire again. This is also why I don't advertise and I keep a very low profile. You won't find me begging for any business anywhere.

7- Do you offer psychic readings or counselings? No, I don't. You can read more about that by clicking on this link.

8- After I place my order, what kinds of questions will you be asking me? I never know for sure. The list is different every time. I usually do ask for some common information such as your full name, date of birth, a picture, and a few more things.

9- Do you offer "in person" services? No, not anymore. I did for many years, but I closed my physical shop a few years ago. I do the vast majority of my work now from my own home. I just don't get around very well anymore. The good news for you though is that this keep my prices pretty reasonable as I don't really have any overhead anymore such as rent, security, employees, etc.

10- What if I want to learn more? Get in touch with me. Call or text me now at 1-504-475-3761. You can also email me at georgeclaud@yahoo.com





J.Thank You!

 If you have made it this far, thank you so much for reading all of this! I hope I have answered a few questions for you. I may come off as a bit blunt, as that is my nature, but I promise you that I have absolutely nothing but love for you. If you are still interested in me becoming your spell caster, after I have done my best to probably talk you out of it, just get in touch with me and we can discuss it.



God bless,


George Claud