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14 Jan '17

Is George Claud Psychic?

Posted by George Claud


When you hire me, George Claud, to work for you, you are hiring me to perform voodoo rituals and to cast spells for you during my rituals. You are not hiring me to act as your personal psychic. I want to be very clear on this point, because this can be very confusing to many people.



Yes, during my work I do communicate directly to the spirits. Yes, during my communications I often receive messages that are intended to help me in my work for you. Yes, you could say that my work involves psychic abilities and activities.


No, you are not hiring me to be your psychic. No, you are not paying me to read your future. No, I do not want to be questioned on what anyone's future is. No, I am not offering you any psychic services.

The psychic communications that I receive are strictly used by me in casting your spell. I will gladly pass any information on to you if I believe that it is helpful to you, but that is a byproduct of my work, and it is not why you should hire me. I may give you any "psychic readings" that I get, or I may not. That is strictly my decision.

I am not saying all of this to be mean or cruel to you. I say this with nothing but love for you in my heart. When you work with me it should not be so that I am your psychic. If you work with me it is so that I can cast my real voodoo spells for you. Does this make sense?

If you want a psychic, hire one.

If you want a spiritual adviser that can help to influence actions through spiritual connections, hire me.

If you want someone to read your future, or tell you what someone will be doing later on, hire a psychic.

If you want someone to relay your desire to the spirits so that they can work to influence the outcome, hire me.



Let's use an example to illustrate the point:

Mary calls Voodoo Priest George Claud. Mary's husband Scott has separated from her. Mary wants Scott to come back home. George advises that he can cast a spell to get her husband back. George explains that he can use his connections with the influential spirit world to persuade Scott to come back to her. Mary agrees that this is what she wants, and George gets to it by performing a voodoo ritual ceremony and casting her spell.

This is a perfect example of someone hiring me for the right intentions. Mary wanted results. She did not want a psychic reading. She wanted someone that could actually do something about her problem!


Let's try another example of someone hiring me for the wrong reason:

Greg calls George for help. Greg wants to know if Betty will fall in love with him, when they will get married, how many kids they will have, and when he will die. George advises him to go somewhere else and have a good day.

This is a perfect example of someone that wants a psychic, but tries to use George's services. Even though George does use what you may call psychic abilities during his work, he is not your personal psychic. If he has communications during his work that you need to know, he may tell you about them, but this is neither guaranteed or the reason he does what he does!



I hope this makes sense to you. I consider myself to be a spiritual influencer. You tell me what you want. I relay your requests to the spirits. The spirits then try to influence the outcome. This is what I do!

If this does not make sense, please call or text me at 504-475-3761 (or email me at and I will try to explain it better.