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13 Jan '17

How Long Will It Take To Get Results From My Spell?

Posted by George Claud


"How long is it going to take for me to get the results that I want from the spell that you are casting for me?" I wrote this entire page just to answer this seemingly simple question.

It's a good question! It's also the first question that I would have if I was on your end,

If you have just ordered a real voodoo spell casting from me, I will try to remember to send this link to you so that you can read it yourself. Hopefully it makes sense to you. I am going to try to answer this complicated question as thoroughly as possible. You may not like the answer because the truth isn't what we really want to hear (that's the TRUTH), but in my nearly 40 years of professional service, this is the truth!

Point blank: I do not know how long it will take for you to receive the results that you are looking for from the spell.

You're probably thinking, "Well George if you don't know how long it will take to get what I want, what kind of a spell caster are you anyways?"

Fair enough, but let's try to make sense of this.

"The Problem Is Free Will"

The reason I can not give you a solid answer as to how long it is going to take is because God himself put a little something magical and special in each one of us that is called FREE WILL. As much as this free will messes up what I am trying to do sometimes, I have come to appreciate it and see that Godliness of it.

God gave every single one of us free will so that we are able to make our own choices for ourselves. God made us (mankind) in His image. Since God has the ability to decide things for Himself, He wanted us to have this same ability just like him. God has free will, and so do we!

Since we all have free will, at the end of the day the only person that decides my fate it me. The only person that decides your fate is you. The only person that decides the fate of the person we are casting a spell on is that person. Does this make sense? I make my choices and you make yours. We are not puppets!

Since we are not puppets, and we make our own choices, I can not tell you when someone will act like we want them to with our spell casting, If I could tell you this, that would mean that this person does not have free will and they are just a puppet. But we already know that is not true because that is not how God made us! Does this make sense?

I used to get so angry over this free will concept. Believe me, if God would let me borrow his shoes for a bit I would probably get rid of it, or at least I used to think so. But free will is probably the greatest gift that he gave us, so I've learned to just deal with it.

"So What Can You Do?"

Well now we understand that we're not puppets and God made us so that we can make our own choices. If this is true, how in the world will any spell or voodoo ritual make any difference? Now this is a very intelligent question, and I'm glad that you asked it!

When I cast a spell for you, I am calling on the spirits that interact with us every single day to intervene on our behalf. Have you ever heard of guardian angels? Maybe you have heard of the concept of an angel sitting on our shoulders and whispering to us? These are the exact spirits that I am asking to help us!

Many of these spirits are willing to do our bidding, if we ask them in the right way. This is precisely what I am for you. I like to think of myself as your spiritual mediator. You tell me what you want, and I tell the spirits what we need to happen. The spirits then intervene in ways that will influence the other party.

I like to think of the spirits as little bugs that I plant into their ears. My little bugs (spirits) will sit in their ear and start whispering to them. They will be so subtle and soft that the other person won't even realize what is going on. Every day they will grow a little louder and louder. They will be whispering things such as, "You love her. You want to be with her. She is the one for you. Go to her."

Now our spirit allies can not control the other person directly. We already know that because of the whole free will concept. But they can influence that person. They can persuade them into doing our bidding. The way we achieve this is by being so gentle at first (we don't want to scare them), and slowly ramping up the intensity over time.

This is precisely what you pay me to do! My job is to ask the spirits to softly influence the actions of the other person. Over time, this almost always works!

"So How Long Will This Take?"

I know this is what you want. Everyone does. You want me to tell you that you will get your results from my spell in 24 hours/one day/one week/etc. I know that's what you want, and I can't blame you for wanting it. But as we just learned, this isn't possible because of free will. The other person has to make the final decision. My job is to influence them as strongly as possible over time, but at the end of the day they must make the decision!

Now I can give you some rough averages. Please understand a few concepts on this though:

The average time that it takes can vary by the spell. For instance, a health spell for pregnancy tends to take much longer than a love spell, on average.

Your actual results are going to vary depending on many factors including the stubborness of the other person, how desperate the situation is, your actual expectations, and much more.

These are just rough averages. That means that over my nearly 40 years of casting voodoo spells, this is a guess of what our usual reaction times are. I am not a scientist. I have not written all of the thousands of times down over the years and sent it to a lab to study. This is an educated guess that may be off by a bit. But it's an honest guess!

With all of this in mind, let's give some usual averages that tend to hold true.

Most of you will likely begin to experience some sort of results within about 2 weeks. Sometimes it can be much sooner (as in almost immediately), and sometimes it can take a little longer. Remember, these are rough estimates of averages that will vary from person to person, spell to spell, and situation to situation!

Most of you will probably see most of the results inside of 30 days. Again, sometimes it will be much sooner, and sometimes it will take longer. Remember again please, these are rough estimates!



"But What If I'm Not Happy After 30 Days?"

It happens folks. I'm the worst salesman in the world. If I was selling used cars I would be fired the first day. The reason for this is because I would rather just tell you the truth, even though you probably don't really want to hear it. Let's face it, if you are coming to me that probably means you're in a tough situation and you want a spell that works fast and immediately. I get that. I can completely relate. Sometimes I am thrilled because that is the actual results that we get (immediate). But that would not be average or normal, so I never count on that.

Sometimes it just takes more than 30 days. There's nothing I can do about it. For one reason or another (free will, the spell being cast, etc.) it just takes time. I know you are probably just as impatient as I am and you want everything now. I do too! But sometimes we just have to be patient, even though it hurts to wait.

On the occasions that it does take more than 30 days, that doesn't mean that I just quit working for you. I will keep plugging along. I can make adjustments and try a few different things to build up the momentum. I can call for some help from a few other voodoo priests that I am friendly with to assist me. In other words, 30 days isn't the end point: it;s just a point. I hope this makes sense.


"But What If I Get Results Immediately?"

Well, this happens too. It actually happens fairly often. I wouldn't call an immediate result normal, because I do not want to give you false hope. But if you get a result from any spell such as a revenge spell immediately or really fast, congratulations!

Here's the deal folks: sometimes we get results really fast, but I do not want to give you a false hope or expectation. I want you to understand that sometimes good things happen to those that wait. I know this expression is not what we like to hear, but again it's the truth!

If you do hire me to cast any spell and you get the desired effect overnight, congratulations! You can tip me by saying a little prayer for me and my family.

"Can You Give Me An Example?"

Sure, let's try to make sense of all of this complicated discussions with a little example:

Let's say that Susan calls George Claud (her favorite New Orleans voodoo spell caster) with a little problem. You see Susan was just told by her husband of many years that he was done with her and wanted a divorce. After hearing Susan's issues, George recommends that he casts a spell to get her ex back so that the divorce doesn't go through.

Susan asks George, "When will my husband call off the divorce and come back into my life?"

As much as Susan wants to be told a fib so that she feels better, George knows that he has to tell her the painful truth. George explains, "Well Susan, how long this process is going to take can vary tremendously. Since your husband has free will and will make the ultimate decision for himself, I can not tell you when he will return to you. I can give you a hint by sharing some rough averages that I have seen over nearly 40 years. Would you like to hear them?"

Susan is confused by not getting a point blank explanation that tells her that the spell will force her husband into changing his mind and returning back to her in 92 hours 17 minutes and 33 seconds, but she goes ahead and says, "Sure George, tell me the painful truth that I don't want to hear!"

George replies, "Every case is unique and special. Your results are going to vary, but here is what I typically expect. I hope to see some results inside of 2 weeks. Sometimes it can be much faster, and sometimes it can take longer. I expect to see the maximum results of your spell to get your ex husband back inside of 30 days. Sometimes it can be a lot faster, and sometimes it can take longer. But here's my promise to you: I am going to give you 100% of my efforts and do everything in my power to get your results as soon as possible. I will encourage the spirits to influence your ex to come back to you. They will start off gentle because we don't want to shock him, but they will increase their influence on him every day. But please understand, even if he isn't back in your bed within 30 days, I don't quit. I will keep working for you, for no additional charge, until you are either happy or tell me to stop!"

Susan spends some time to think about this and replies, "Thank you George for telling me the truth. I didn't want to hear it, but I would much rather understand the process and accept it rather than be given false hope and unrealistic expectations."

And then George casts the spell for her and her husband jumps back into bed with her in precisely 12 minutes and 14 seconds (it happens, but that isn't really normal or expected!).

"But Another Spell Caster Promised Me!"

I normally mind my own business. Unless I am put into a situation to help someone (like you), I stay out of it. I have enough going on in my own life already. But let's just say it like is is since we're on this topic.

You may hear from some spell caster that they can guarantee results in so many days or hours. That's just a flat out fib. I don't care who you are. Even the great Marie Laveau could never guarantee a certain result inside of a certain time frame.

How do we know that this is a fib (lie)? Because we understand how free will works. We understand that God himself does not take the final decision making process away from us. At the end of the day, no matter how hard I or anybody else works for you, no matter how loud my spirits yell in their ear, no matter what type of magick or spells I use, that person is going to have to make up their mind and decide when to act upon the influence!

If anybody makes a false promise to you telling you that you will get an exact result from any spell within a certain time frame, do yourself a favor and run the other direction! I don't care who the spellcaster is, even if I mess up and lie to you, just run!

If you order a money spell from me, and I tell you that you will be richer than Bill Gates by next week, please call me out on it and hang up the phone!

I am telling you all of this with nothing but love for you in my heart. I want what is best for you so badly, and I want everything good to happen for you yesterday, but I am not so arrogant to think that I am God and can control anyone like a puppet. If I ever do get that power, I'll let you know, but something tells me that this will never happen.

"So What Now?"

Well hopefully I haven't scared you away. But if I did, maybe you needed it anyways. I have tried my best to explain the timing of the results for any voodoo spell so that you have an honest understanding on how this works.

I probably haven't explained it good enough though. If you are still confused, I understand that. This really is a lot to let sink in. I didn't fully understand this entire concept myself until I was old enough to get a discount at the buffet with my AARP card.

If this does not make complete sense to you, please read this entire page again. If it still doesn't make good sense, please read it a third time.

After the third time of reading this page, if you still don't completely get it, don't read it again. Just call me at 504-475-3761 and we'll talk about it. You can also text me at that same number, or even email me at

George Claud