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29 Mar '16

Common Questions I Hear

Posted by George Claud

Hello everyone. I hear a lot of the same questions every day, so I wanted one spot to write a lot of them down. This way I can refer people to here, and most of their common questions will already be answered. Let's get to it!

Q1: How do you cast a spell?

A1: As a Voodoo High Priest, I have been doing this full time for some 36 years. I was raised in voodoo, so it comes as naturally to me as riding a bike is to you. I have cast tens of thousands of spells over the years. The basic concept with all of them is the same- I connect with the spirits and ask them to do my bidding. The spirits respond to these requests, and they can help us change this physical world that we live in. It's really as simple as that.

Q2: How can I cast a spell?

A2: If you want to cast a voodoo spell, you can try by reading a simple spell book. But that most likely won't do anything. You can also start studying voodoo, but it will likely take you many years to become a spell caster and start casting powerful spells such as "revenge spells". The best way to begin casting spells for ever day people that I have ever seen is by taking a very inexpensive course taught by my friend. It's called Magick Power. Check out our review of it here.

Q3: How long will it take to get results from my love spell, or any other spell?

A3: There is no exact answer. Some results come almost immediately or overnight. Some take a few weeks. Some take more than a few weeks. I would say that the average is 2 weeks.

Q4: Are your voodoo spells powerful?

A4: Yes, they are extremely powerful. I have been doing this for a long time. I am confident that you will not find a better caster of spells.

Q5: Why do your spells cost so much? I see them for much less online. I see some free voodoo spells even.

A5: What are you getting from those cheap spells or free ones? Most likely not very much. My process is very long, complicated, and designed for maximum results. For each client that I take on I will perform at least 2 spell castings that take 1-2 hours each. I pray for you for up to 30 days. I also consult with you whenever you need it. I charge clients that I meet face to face a lot more than this!

Q6: What if I don't have enough money to buy a healing spell, or any other spell from you?

A6: Tell me about your situation. My goal is to help you if at all possible. If I need to make it more affordable for you, I will do my best to do so!

Q7: George Claud, are you really the best voodoo spell caster that is available online?

A7: I think so. If I didn't believe this, I wouldn't be here!