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23 Mar '16

Review: Magick Power Get The Ability To Create Your Own Destiny

Posted by George Claud

Magick Power

Hello friends. A very old friend of mine (Mystic X) asked me to review his course called "Magick Power: Get The Ability To Create Your Own Destiny". If you want to skip my ramblings and go straight to the source, just CLICK HERE.

If you have ever wanted to have the ability to cast real spells for yourself, without spending years on training, this course is really meant for you. I'm not much of a writer, but I will do my best to briefly explain what is included, my opinion on it, and how you can get more information on it if you choose to do so.

First of all, this course is packed full with an almost overwhelming amount of information. I have spent the last three weeks reading and studying it. Quite honestly, I'm probably half way through it! This is something that I will likely study several times. It could actually take me several months to fully comprehend all of it.

Secondly, I love the way that Mystic X has laid this out. It is extremely organized and well thought out. I wish that I was half the writer that he is. You will see what I mean when you get it. This is extremely impressive.




The course comes with 11 "modules". It's broken down into these smaller modules so that you can concentrate on one main thought/issue before moving on to the next one. I just completed studying 1-6 over the last few weeks. The ones that I have read so far are excellent!

I will do my best to very briefly explain what each module covers:

Module 1- Introduction: Just a short info that will introduce you to Mystic X and explain what the course will cover.

Module 2- The Basics of Magick: This explains what magick is, how it works, how you can use it in your life, etc.

Module 3- Advanced Magick: You get a hint of how you can use magick to cast spells, develop your psychic powers, etc.

Module 4- Love and Sex Magick: Learn how to cast spells for love, and how to attract the opposite sex through magick.

Module 5- Secret Magick For Personal Magnetism and Success: Learn how to use magick to boost your confidence and become wanted by others.

Module 6- Money and Wealth Magick: Learn how to cast spells to gain wealth, a better job and success.

Module 7- Magick For Luck: Learn how to use magick spells to change your luck around.

Module 8- Magick For Health: You will find out how you can cast spells that will help you lose weight and improve your overall health.

Module 9- Magick For Advanced Protection: Learn how to cast spells of protection.

Module 10- Magick For Better Relationships: You will learn how to use magick spells to increase your friends and find others that really care about you.

Module 11- Additional Magickal Secrets- Find out how to sell a home, buy a home, and much more by using magick.

There are an additional 4 bonuses that he is offering. I haven't gotten anywhere near them yet.


My Thoughts

Obviously, I have been using this same philosophy for almost my entire life. I believe in the powers of the spirit world, and I believe that we can tap into these spirits to assist us in this life. That being said, this course is 100% accurate and overwhelmingly helpful.

If you have ever wanted the ability to cast real spells for yourself, I would highly recommend that you pick up this course by Mystic X. It will cost you just $49 (that price is way too low Mystic X!!), and you can get immediate access to all of it.

I can not help everyone in the world with my abilities, so it makes a lot of sense to show others how they can use the spirit world to fulfill their desires. This book/course does just that. Thank you Mystic X for giving me a copy to review!

If you want to learn much more about this, please visit Mystic X's site by CLICKING HERE.